About Good Game

Good Game is a feature length documentary about a group of men who exhibit the competitive drive of an athlete, the tactical skill of a general, and the creative talent of an artist. They bring all of these things to successful careers in competitive gaming as members of Team Evil Geniuses’ Starcraft 2 division.

Nearly every American plays video games in one way or another. They range from casual gamers on Facebook to hardcore gamers on Xbox Live. Hospitals and nursing homes have Nintendo Wii consoles in their common rooms, schools are finding ways to incorporate gaming into learning, and over twelve million people worldwide have characters in World of Warcraft. Gaming is one of the largest industries in the U.S., and it’s only natural that the best of the best have found a way to compete.

Competitive gaming isn’t an easy road, and it’s not a feasible career for many. But these seven men have made their dream into a reality, playing professionally in tournaments throughout the country and the world. Good Game follows these men as they compete throughout 2011, and explores the world behind the curtain, talking with the EG staff and their management team.

The film is available now from Devolver Digital Films, and can be rented or purchased through multiple digital platforms.

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