Soundtrack Sneak Peek

Good Game Music Sneak Peek

Hello all!

Recently our composer, Rob Rusli, finished up his first draft of the score for the film! As a treat to celebrate, he’s letting us preview some of the music for you. Just click on the link above to enjoy.

I’ve really had a lot of fun working with Rob, it’s been quite an experience for me to do this part of the process because I’ve worked with composers before but never on such a large scale project, and usually under much more constrained circumstances. So it’s been a joy for me to really be able to let him loose and see what he comes up with, and I’ve really loved his contributions. The music has definitely been a large part of what’s bringing the whole thing together.

You can learn more about Rob at his website, or check out his band Blue Belt, who contributed music to some of our trailers!

What’s going on?

So, everybody knows that things in the Starcraft community kind of exploded last week.

I’m not really in a position to talk about that or how it may or may not effect our film at the moment.  I’ve got a Skype chat scheduled with Henry tonight, so I might know more later, I might not.  Obviously I have thoughts on the whole thing, but I don’t particularly think it’s my place to share them at this time.  So if you were expecting that, I’m sorry!

But what I will do is finish up the post I’ve had hanging around on my drive for a while now.  A few weeks ago, when I should have made this post, I asked my followers on Twitter what they wanted me to write about.  I got this response:

As to the first question, I’m afraid I have the same answer I’ve had for a while now – when it’s done! I’m with everybody else in wanting this to be finished sooner rather than later. But we need to make sure we make the best film we can, otherwise what was the time and expense and heartache and work really for? Donors who have donated more than $250 will be able to watch a test screening of a cut of the film to be able to give feedback and possibly influence the movie. But I’m still working out when and how the rest of the world will be seeing it.

As to watching the film develop…at the risk of being horribly melodramatic, I actually had to stop the rough cut about two minutes in and just stop for a while because I was a little too overwhelmed. The last two years have been a very emotional ride, with plenty of ups and downs to share. Fun trivia, the first real proposal I wrote for the film was actually for my class in Digital Imaging in my last year of my MFA. It was my final project, and I put together a graphics package for the whole thing. We’re using absolutely nothing from that original proposal, of course, but that’s the nature of the beast.

From that first proposal to now, it’s been a lot of stress, a lot of fun, a lot of creativity, a lot of problem solving, and a lot of raw emotion both in front of the lens and behind it. So when I had all of that boiled down into this file that was just sitting there on my desktop, just an icon like all the other icons, it was really odd. Suddenly it wasn’t an experience, it was a movie. I’ve felt this before, since this isn’t my first movie (I think it’s technically the 10th). But this is the first project of this size, and it’s the first project that’s had this kind of scope, timeline, and budget. So it may have been a familiar emotion, but times 9000.

At this point, the rest of the post process won’t be as emotional, I’m sure. The next big step is actually screening it in front of an audience. That is going to be a big deal too, and I really can’t wait. Except I have to wait until it’s actually done!

Rough Cut!

Rough Cut and Notes for the Editor

One of our interviewees, Patrick O’Neill

There’s something really profound about the moment that you sit down to watch the first cut of a project that has been your heart, soul, and life for so long.  I realized earlier this month that it had been exactly two years since I went to PAX East and we filmed the first frames of Good Game with iNcontroL, Anna Prosser, and Scott Smith.

We’ve come a long way, and accomplished so much.  Our editor, Henry Kaplan, has been hard at work since he came onto the project in December of last year.  He took my first version of the script, and with my blessing tossed it out the window and started fresh.  He then put together a rough cut of the full film that he sent me a few weeks ago, where he’s already starting to incorporate the fantastic music being composed for us by Rob Rusli.

It was clear watching the film that the right thing to do was to toss out that script and get a new perspective and a new eye.  Henry really managed to get me out of the fog that descends when you’ve been working on a project too long, and he’s managed to capture the feeling that I was aiming for, which is so much more important than just lining up the clips that I picked out.

The ending gave me chills when I was watching it to write up my notes for the changes and adjustments that I wanted.  The music, the dialog, it all came together in this moment that I just can’t wait to share with everyone.  But Henry and Rob still have work ahead of them.  So do I, for that matter.  But watching the rough cut, all I could feel was how happy I was with my post production team.  They get it, and they care, and it’s going to really show when you see the film.As a side note, ironically we actually haven’t used any of that footage from PAX so far.

Happy Holidays

hello to all of our supporters and fans first i want to wish everybody a very happy holiday season I hope that you’re all doing well and looking forward to some time with family and friends to celebrate as the year comes to a close while I’ve had a trying year it’s been the support of our fans that s helped keep me energized and working on this project and i sincerely thank all of you for that here at the the end of 2012 there s a lot going on behind the scenes here with both good game and nine hour films first we’ve been a little quiet lately because we’ve been redesigning the website and completely revamping the back end so that i can more easily bring you news and updates about the film also we’ve just signed on a new post production team who will hit the ground running in the next few months to get this film finally completed and ready for all of you who have been waiting so patiently for so long next year will be great and i can t wait to share everything with you all thank you again for your support and your encouragement.

Mary Ratliff
Nine Hour Films

Press Round up

SC2NewSCast Weekly Edit Season 2 Episode 3

February 7, 2012

On being at the end of the filming process: “Filmmakers are their own worst enemy. You’re very rarely going to find somebody that’s going to be like, ‘Yes, everything is perfect. We did everything we wanted to do, it was all fantastic.’ We also have a tendency to kind of shoot for ten things so that we can achieve five.”

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How to stay in Touch

Hello everyone!

I know, it’s been nothing but the sound of crickets around here, huh? I’ve taken a small step back while the editors are working to work on other projects so that I can continue to pay to get the film finished. Right now, that’s the most important thing, because I want to make sure that post production is done right.

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General Updates

I know it seems like things have been pretty quiet around here. The trick is, that’s what post-production is like when you’re watching it from the outside.

Since we’re not attending events anymore to film, what we’ve been doing is a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. The editing team has been going through almost 100 hours of footage, logging it and taking notes about what we want to use and what is repetitive or not usable.

In the end, only around 90 minutes of those 100 hours will make it into the movie. In addition, we’ve got around 100 interviews that are being transcribed and sorted. Thanks to a few great volunteers, that was much easier than it could have been but it still is a long process. On average, transcribing an interview can take three to four times the length of the footage. Every fifteen minutes of talking is an hour of work on our end.

Along with that, there’s script writing, hiring people to work on the graphics, color correction, and sound design. We’re also going to start working with our composer, etc. I’m also putting together a mailing list so that it’ll be easier to get news and information. Our first list will be for donors only, so if you want in on exclusive information and images, you can donate today and you’ll be added when it goes online in a week or so.

So basically, I know it looks like nothing on that side of the fence, but there’s actually a lot of activity going on back here. It takes a lot of time and people to make a high quality film, and that’s what we’re working on.

In the meantime, why not go to our Facebook page and let us know what burning questions you might have about the production? I’m happy to answer whatever I can!

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