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See Good Game at Intervention!

Do you live in the Washington D.C. area? Then you should be making time in your schedule for Intervention! This fabulous convention focuses on “online creativity” from blogging to webcomics to filmmaking and more. I’ve been hearing great things about it for years from my friends, and I’m so excited to be a part of it this year.

Good Game is going to be screening during the weekend (check the programming schedule for detailed times, they are subject to change) and it will be followed by a director Q&A so you can ask me more about the creative process behind making and distributing the film, or our crowdfunding process, whatever you like.

In addition, I might be popping up at a few other panels and discussions throughout the weekend. So make sure to follow my twitter to know where to learn more about filmmaking and Good Game!

Available now to rent or buy!

For all of the people who have been anxiously awaiting their chance to see the film, we’ve got a lot more ways for you to see it!

Head on over to our distributor, Devolver Digital, to pick your favorite digital streaming service and get some popcorn!

Plus join us on reddit’s r/Games right now for an Ask Me Anything post with director Mary Ratliff! She’ll be taking questions about the movie, games, esports, and indie filmmaking. Ask away!

Buy the Film and the Soundtrack!

Want to get your hands on Good Game? Then download the film right now from VHX! You can get your own digital copy for only $9.95 by visiting

We’ve also released the soundtrack to the film!


Featuring 21 tracks by our amazing composer, Robert Ouyang Rusli, the soundtrack is only $5 to get all the great music featured in the film. Head over to Band Camp to purchase it today!

Available on cable VOD and screening in Washington D.C.

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to announce that our film is currently available on cable video on demand services, so go to your tv and check it out if you have Comcast/Xfinity, Verizon, Cox, or Frontier. We’re right there under the G’s!

Of course, the film is also still available for download over at VHX as well.

Also, there’s going to be a screening of the film in Washington D.C. coming up in May! On May 7th, we’ll be showing the film at the Wilson Center in the Reagan Building (at the Federal Triangle stop on the orange line) at 4 p.m. The movie will be followed by a Q&A with director Mary Ratliff.

For more information, directions, and to RSVP go to the Wilson Center’s webpage here.

The film will be coming to many more digital platforms in just a matter of days, plus we have other exciting events coming up that we can’t wait to tell you about!

Good Game premieres as part of Humble Bundle!

Hello again!

This last week, our movie premiered in Austin and also was released as part of a brand new type of Humble Bundle featuring games AND movies.

The Devolver Digital Double Debut bundle features five games and five movies, and you can name your price (it’s a minimum $10 to include our movie) and they’re a pretty great selection of games and movies. You also can designate how much of your money goes where, with the options including two great charities.

You can check out the bundle at their website now. But act fast, there’s less than a week left on this deal!

You can also purchase a digital copy of the film on VHX for $9.95 at VHX.

We’re really excited to be part of the first movie bundle, and I hope it’s the sign of more to come. I’ve been a fan of Humble Bundle for quite a while, so it’s an extra thrill to be working with a company that I really like and admire.

Once you’ve seen the movie, be sure to tweet @ninehourfilms or use #ggmovie to say what you thought of it!

Premiere in Austin, Texas in one week!

Hello again everyone! I’m updating from a very rainy day in Tokyo, Japan to share the amazing news that Good Game will be having it’s world premiere on March 11th in Austin, Texas as part of the fantastic lineup of events that Devolver Digital Films is planning for their first anniversary.

I’m so excited to finally be bringing this film to the audience that helped make it happen, and there’s even more exciting news on the horizon that I’ll be sharing with you as this week progresses.

As for the screening, it is a free event, and if you follow @DevolverFlix on Twitter they’ll be releasing information on how to get there as we get nearer to the date. You can also drop by the Devolver Digital booth at the SXSW Gaming Expo, where they’ll have some amazing previews of their upcoming games, and I’m sure they’d be happy to tell you how to get to the party. If you’re in Austin next week, you have to check it out!

Sadly I won’t be able to be there, but you can also meet up with Stephen Tringali, the Director of Photography for the film who was there with me for the production.

Here’s the press release from Devolver that has all the information about the really fantastic things they’ll be doing during the Gaming Expo and for their first anniversary. I hope you can make it to the premiere!

On Tap in Austin: Devolver Digital Turns Up the Heat at South by SouthWest with Jaw-Dropping Indie Games, Indie Cinema Premieres and a Film Distribution Panel Discussion from the Future

- Go hands on with the anticipated Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, catch a worldwide premiere for the remarkable professional gaming documentary “Good Game” and Hear Why Digital Distribution is the Future of Your Indie Film with Devolver Digital at SXSW -

AUSTIN—MARCH 3, 2014 –– Devilishly handsome Austin-based independent games and film publisher and distributor Devolver Digital is going big at South by SouthWest next week with an incredible array of indie games demos, independent films and an in-depth panel featuring the best minds from the games and independent film industries. The panel focuses on the future of indie film distribution, “Can Digital Game Publishing Show Us the Way?” on Tuesday, March 11 at 12:30pm in Room 15 at the Austin Convention Center.

The hotly anticipated PC game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will be showcased in Devolver Digital’s indie gaming Array of Spectacularness from Friday, March 7 through Sunday, March 16 at booth 145 in the Austin Convention Center. Additionally, attendees can get their hands on Vlambeer’s LUFTRAUSERS, and get bro-y with Broforce and glimpse the complex moral-dilemmas in the upcoming Gods Will Be Watching.

Devolver Films commemorates its first birthday on March 11 with a kickass celebration and the free worldwide premiere of its latest indie documentary, ‘Good Game’ at the Seekret Theater at 7pm. ‘Good Game’ follows the notorious professional Starcraft 2 team, Evil Geniuses, and goes behind the scenes in the ruthless world of competitive gaming.

Since forming at SXSW one year ago, Devolver Digital’s film distribution arm has already seen the release of more than 50 independent films across multiple genres. The team invites SXSW attendees, fellow filmmakers, indie film fans and gamers to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with them on the infamous RVIP Lounge and Karaoke Bus on Monday, March 10, from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. In addition to drinks, karaoke and general debauchery, Devolver will hold a special screening for one of its most critically-praised films, Let’s Ruin it With Babies, which was lauded by the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Marie Claire Magazine and more that night at a super secret location to be revealed at a later time.

Mike Wilson, co-founder of Devolver Digital said, “One year of distributing great indie films is something to celebrate. We’re fortunate to work with such amazing people every day, and we’re looking forward to bringing more of these passion projects—whether they’re games or films—to bigger audiences.”

Wilson is set to speak about digital distribution for independent game developers and filmmakers on the panel “Can Digital Game Publishing Show Us the Way?” on Tuesday, March 11 at 12:30pm in Room 15 at the Austin Convention Center. Joining him on the panel is Director of Business Development at online direct-to-fan distribution platform VHX Adam Klaff, Portal and Portal 2 Designer Mike Morasky, Co-founder of the Humble Bundle John Graham, and Stephanie Tinsley Schopp, principal at the boutique PR consultancy Tinsley-PR.

About the Devolver Digital Interactive Pavilion of Spectacularness:
• Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number follows 2012’s critical hit and commercial success Hotline Miami with more carnage, distinct visuals and a pulsing soundtrack, all wrapped up in a story that blurs the line between fiction and reality.

• In LUFTRAUSERS, developer Vlambeer marries aerial dog-fighting with a classic arcade style that’s makes being a fighter pilot feel truly badass.

• The highly-anticipated Gods Will Be Watching from developer Deconstructeam promises sweaty palms and furrowed brows as players point and click their way through puzzles that make them confront tough ethical choices.

• In the run-and-gun, side-scrolling action game Broforce, developer Free Live Games introduces a hyper-masculine group of commanders who fight terrorists and free prisoners of war, in the dudeliest way possible.

To schedule a time to meet up with Devolver at SXSW, please hit up Stephanie Tinsley Schopp,

For more information about Devolver Digital, please visit:


The Official Trailer Is Here!

Our official trailer has been released! The movie will be available very soon!

The Big Announcement

You may have seen this on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but I wanted to also quickly announce here that Good Game has partnered with Devolver Digital to distribute the film next spring!

We’re going to have a lot more details and information for you all soon, like release dates, where you can see the film and more. But as we speak the very final little touches and polishes are being put on the movie and our post production team deserves a round of applause for their hard work throughout the holiday season to finish this up so that we can start letting you guys watch it!

Soundtrack Sneak Peek

Good Game Music Sneak Peek

Hello all!

Recently our composer, Rob Rusli, finished up his first draft of the score for the film! As a treat to celebrate, he’s letting us preview some of the music for you. Just click on the link above to enjoy.

I’ve really had a lot of fun working with Rob, it’s been quite an experience for me to do this part of the process because I’ve worked with composers before but never on such a large scale project, and usually under much more constrained circumstances. So it’s been a joy for me to really be able to let him loose and see what he comes up with, and I’ve really loved his contributions. The music has definitely been a large part of what’s bringing the whole thing together.

You can learn more about Rob at his website, or check out his band Blue Belt, who contributed music to some of our trailers!

What’s going on?

So, everybody knows that things in the Starcraft community kind of exploded last week.

I’m not really in a position to talk about that or how it may or may not effect our film at the moment.  I’ve got a Skype chat scheduled with Henry tonight, so I might know more later, I might not.  Obviously I have thoughts on the whole thing, but I don’t particularly think it’s my place to share them at this time.  So if you were expecting that, I’m sorry!

But what I will do is finish up the post I’ve had hanging around on my drive for a while now.  A few weeks ago, when I should have made this post, I asked my followers on Twitter what they wanted me to write about.  I got this response:

As to the first question, I’m afraid I have the same answer I’ve had for a while now – when it’s done! I’m with everybody else in wanting this to be finished sooner rather than later. But we need to make sure we make the best film we can, otherwise what was the time and expense and heartache and work really for? Donors who have donated more than $250 will be able to watch a test screening of a cut of the film to be able to give feedback and possibly influence the movie. But I’m still working out when and how the rest of the world will be seeing it.

As to watching the film develop…at the risk of being horribly melodramatic, I actually had to stop the rough cut about two minutes in and just stop for a while because I was a little too overwhelmed. The last two years have been a very emotional ride, with plenty of ups and downs to share. Fun trivia, the first real proposal I wrote for the film was actually for my class in Digital Imaging in my last year of my MFA. It was my final project, and I put together a graphics package for the whole thing. We’re using absolutely nothing from that original proposal, of course, but that’s the nature of the beast.

From that first proposal to now, it’s been a lot of stress, a lot of fun, a lot of creativity, a lot of problem solving, and a lot of raw emotion both in front of the lens and behind it. So when I had all of that boiled down into this file that was just sitting there on my desktop, just an icon like all the other icons, it was really odd. Suddenly it wasn’t an experience, it was a movie. I’ve felt this before, since this isn’t my first movie (I think it’s technically the 10th). But this is the first project of this size, and it’s the first project that’s had this kind of scope, timeline, and budget. So it may have been a familiar emotion, but times 9000.

At this point, the rest of the post process won’t be as emotional, I’m sure. The next big step is actually screening it in front of an audience. That is going to be a big deal too, and I really can’t wait. Except I have to wait until it’s actually done!