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We left DC on Thursday to take the long drive to Columbus, OH for a Major League Gaming Pro Circuit tournament. The equipment took up the entirety of my car’s trunk and then our luggage took over the back seat, leaving only just enough room for my camera operator. But despite a few significant events on the drive (there was a goat, I’m not kidding) we made it unscathed.

While I had done some preliminary filming at PAX East, this was the start of our principle photography for the film, and I couldn’t have asked for a better event to begin. The crowd was huge, they were pumped, and the weekend started off with an epic 2-0 win. We spent Friday on the event floor, filming the team as they played their matches. While both of my crew members were gamers, this was their first real experience with a large scale tournament like this, and I enjoyed introducing them to it.

On Saturday, we were able to interview each member of Evil Geniuses. I could not ask for better interview subjects, they were all intelligent, articulate, and funny. Each interview gave me new places to start and new inspiration for the film.

The last day we were back to tournament play, as we follow the team’s run through the competition. The crowd just continued to grow, and their excitement continued to build. It became difficult to even find a place to fit our camera crew. I was able to go backstage for a few minutes, seeing the elaborate and professional set up that MLG was using to broadcast the event.

We had so many great people that helped us out throughout the weekend. The hotel staff was wonderful, the event staff were all helpful. And I have to give a special thank you to my crew of Jeremiah Horan and Kevin Sampson, who were thrust into an new world and not only adjusted quickly but gave me some fabulous footage to work with.

All in all, it was a wonderful event and I cannot wait for the next one. I’ve already booked my hotel, it’s going to be fantastic.

Keep an eye out, we should have some footage for you within the week!