The Official Trailer Is Here!

Our official trailer has been released! The movie will be available very soon!

Meet LzGamer

Get to know Jacob Winstead, or EG.LzGaMeR, a professional gamer who is one of the stars of Good Game.

This sneak peek features footage shot at MLG events in Columbus and Anaheim, as well as photos provided by LzGaMeR. We will be continuing to follow Jacob and his teammates throughout 2011.

Meet Anna Prosser

Anna is a lot of things. She’s Miss Oregon USA, she’s a singer, and she’s a gamer. She’s also a member of the staff for Team Evil Geniuses, the focus of Good Game. Get to know Anna in this sneak peek for the film, a feature length documentary about professional gaming.

Featuring music by Underline Entertainment and footage shoot at the NASL Finals, MLG Anaheim, and Miss USA 2011.

Meet iNcontrol

Get to know Geoff Robinson, or EG.iNcontroL, a professional gamer who is one of the stars of Good Game.

Teaser Trailer from MLG Columbus

This is the first teaser trailer for the feature length documentary “Good Game,” directed by Mary Ratliff. The film follows a year in the life of the members of Team Evil Geniuses Starcraft 2 division as they compete throughout the United States and the world. This footage is from our shoot at the recent MLG Pro Circuit event in Columbus, OH.

Kickstarter campaign trailer

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