Crew News: “Dying Green”

Starting with MLG Anaheim last year, Good Game has primarily been shot by amazing cinematographer Stephen Tringali.

I’ve known Stephen since we met at American University, where the bulk of our crew studied filmmaking. Stephen graduated and moved to L.A. and I was very happy to be able to start working with him again for Good Game.

Stephen has also been the cinematographer behind many projects directed by friends of mine, from short films to music videos. A few years ago, he helped shoot a short directed by Ellen Tripler called “Dying Green.” I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this to him, but a conversation I had with Ellen about the project was one of the biggest reasons that I wanted to bring him on for my film.

Dying Green has been showing at festivals across the U.S. and recently won 3rd Place for Documentaries in the 33rd College Television Awards. In addition, it was just announced that the film has also won a Student Academy Award.

I’m extremely proud of both Ellen and Stephen. I think it’s amazing to see good people do well with their films.

And selfishly, I’m proud to be able to say that my film is being shot by the same talented DP. This is how I know how great our film will be, because I know how skilled our crew is. And slowly but surely it looks like the other people are noticing too.