General Updates

I know it seems like things have been pretty quiet around here. The trick is, that’s what post-production is like when you’re watching it from the outside.

Since we’re not attending events anymore to film, what we’ve been doing is a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. The editing team has been going through almost 100 hours of footage, logging it and taking notes about what we want to use and what is repetitive or not usable.

In the end, only around 90 minutes of those 100 hours will make it into the movie. In addition, we’ve got around 100 interviews that are being transcribed and sorted. Thanks to a few great volunteers, that was much easier than it could have been but it still is a long process. On average, transcribing an interview can take three to four times the length of the footage. Every fifteen minutes of talking is an hour of work on our end.

Along with that, there’s script writing, hiring people to work on the graphics, color correction, and sound design. We’re also going to start working with our composer, etc. I’m also putting together a mailing list so that it’ll be easier to get news and information. Our first list will be for donors only, so if you want in on exclusive information and images, you can donate today and you’ll be added when it goes online in a week or so.

So basically, I know it looks like nothing on that side of the fence, but there’s actually a lot of activity going on back here. It takes a lot of time and people to make a high quality film, and that’s what we’re working on.

In the meantime, why not go to our Facebook page and let us know what burning questions you might have about the production? I’m happy to answer whatever I can!