Good Game premieres as part of Humble Bundle!

Hello again!

This last week, our movie premiered in Austin and also was released as part of a brand new type of Humble Bundle featuring games AND movies.

The Devolver Digital Double Debut bundle features five games and five movies, and you can name your price (it’s a minimum $10 to include our movie) and they’re a pretty great selection of games and movies. You also can designate how much of your money goes where, with the options including two great charities.

You can check out the bundle at their website now. But act fast, there’s less than a week left on this deal!

You can also purchase a digital copy of the film on VHX for $9.95 at VHX.

We’re really excited to be part of the first movie bundle, and I hope it’s the sign of more to come. I’ve been a fan of Humble Bundle for quite a while, so it’s an extra thrill to be working with a company that I really like and admire.

Once you’ve seen the movie, be sure to tweet @ninehourfilms or use #ggmovie to say what you thought of it!