Lessons in Marketing

For the past five weeks, I’ve been attending a class at Arlington Independent Media to learn marketing techniques from the founder of DC Shorts and marketing guru, Jon Gann.

The class has been wonderful, and I’ve got a few different things in the draft stage that we’ll be implementing as the next few weeks go by. I’ve learned a lot, and I can’t wait to apply it to the film. If you’re a local here in DC, I have to give a huge recommendation to the classes at AIM, especially if you want to start learning filmmaking.

Meanwhile, our editors have been continuing to work on the first rough cut of the film. I know that this part of the process seems extremely long to people who are used to this era of YouTube and instant streaming. For one thing, we’re taking over 90 hours of footage and carving it down to 90 minutes. That takes quite a bit of time!

We’re making sure that every single step of the process, from cataloging and transcribing to graphic design and music composition, is done with the most care and as professionally as possible. So I know that things seem quiet on our front right now, but that’s because things are happening that will make the film better, but look sort of boring from the outside. Let me tell you, transcribing 25 hours of interviews is actually so much more dull than you can imagine and it takes at least 75-100 hours to do it.

I should have some news about some website updates coming up soon. Thanks for being so patient!