Press Mention: ESFI World

Patrick “Chobopeon” O’Neill wrote up his experience at MLG Columbus for a post on ESFI World, and he gave “Good Game” a shout-out in the article!

I’ve sat in on about half a dozen interviews. “Good Game” is an independent film that will follow the Evil Geniuses StarCraft team over the course of a year. EG is one of the older institutions in American gaming and it’s easy to see the symptoms of that when their players sit down to talk. Instead of nervous inexperience, the EG players are hyperarticulate, calm and extremely self-aware.

An Idiot Goes to MLG Columbus

We completely agree with Patrick’s assessment, the members of Team EG were all very good to talk to, and we got several hours of great interview material out of the event. I’ve been transcribing them all week (with some help from a few wonderful friends) and every single interview has several of those moments where you just know, “that’s going in the movie.”

I can’t wait to show everybody.