Rough Cut!

Rough Cut and Notes for the Editor

One of our interviewees, Patrick O’Neill

There’s something really profound about the moment that you sit down to watch the first cut of a project that has been your heart, soul, and life for so long.  I realized earlier this month that it had been exactly two years since I went to PAX East and we filmed the first frames of Good Game with iNcontroL, Anna Prosser, and Scott Smith.

We’ve come a long way, and accomplished so much.  Our editor, Henry Kaplan, has been hard at work since he came onto the project in December of last year.  He took my first version of the script, and with my blessing tossed it out the window and started fresh.  He then put together a rough cut of the full film that he sent me a few weeks ago, where he’s already starting to incorporate the fantastic music being composed for us by Rob Rusli.

It was clear watching the film that the right thing to do was to toss out that script and get a new perspective and a new eye.  Henry really managed to get me out of the fog that descends when you’ve been working on a project too long, and he’s managed to capture the feeling that I was aiming for, which is so much more important than just lining up the clips that I picked out.

The ending gave me chills when I was watching it to write up my notes for the changes and adjustments that I wanted.  The music, the dialog, it all came together in this moment that I just can’t wait to share with everyone.  But Henry and Rob still have work ahead of them.  So do I, for that matter.  But watching the rough cut, all I could feel was how happy I was with my post production team.  They get it, and they care, and it’s going to really show when you see the film.As a side note, ironically we actually haven’t used any of that footage from PAX so far.

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