Soundtrack Sneak Peek

Good Game Music Sneak Peek

Hello all!

Recently our composer, Rob Rusli, finished up his first draft of the score for the film! As a treat to celebrate, he’s letting us preview some of the music for you. Just click on the link above to enjoy.

I’ve really had a lot of fun working with Rob, it’s been quite an experience for me to do this part of the process because I’ve worked with composers before but never on such a large scale project, and usually under much more constrained circumstances. So it’s been a joy for me to really be able to let him loose and see what he comes up with, and I’ve really loved his contributions. The music has definitely been a large part of what’s bringing the whole thing together.

You can learn more about Rob at his website, or check out his band Blue Belt, who contributed music to some of our trailers!