Twitter Questions/Responses no. 1

Today I decided that I was in the mood to tell people more about the project, so I posted on my twitter (@ninehourfilms that I was open to questions.

For now we only had one taker, but the question was one that I couldn’t easily respond to in 140 characters or less, so I brought it here to the blog.


What will separate #ggmovie from the other sc2 documentaries currently in production?

Leave it to the SC2 community to go ahead and get right to the point, huh?

For people who might be outside the Starcraft world, there were recent announcements of two other documentaries that are currently filming. By a coincidence and because we were all talking about MLG Columbus, the three projects all ended up coming to the public’s attention around the same time. Naturally, this has lead to everyone to comparing and contrasting the projects and there’s been a bit of an erroneous belief that they’re all the same.

In the course of my filming I have spent time talking with the director one of those films, specifically about our projects and how they may or may not differ from each other and what we can do to help each other rather than get in each other’s way. So I don’t want people to think we’re in competition with each other or that we’re rivals in any way.

However, I don’t think that it’s productive or professional for me to play compare and contrast. So what I will do is tell you about MY film and what I’m trying to do.

The thing about Good Game is that I don’t actually consider it a Starcraft movie. The comparison I’ve made to my crew and my producer is that the movie is about Starcraft the same way a film about the Redskins would be about football. Obviously it’s a part of the story, and it’s integral to the audience’s understanding of the film. But it’s what I would consider the B story, it’s the underpinning and the foundation of the film.

But the A story, the real focus of my efforts, is on the Evil Geniuses. Not just the seven players, but the managers, the administrative staff, the website content creators…everybody that makes the team run.

When I first got interested in the world of professional gaming, like most people I started talking about it with anybody that would listen. The moment I finished saying the words “professional video game tournaments” or “e-sports” the first question that every person had was “how does that work?”

That was part of how this project was born way back in October of 2010. I wanted to find the way to explain to people “how that works.” Since I’m a filmmaker, the answer to that was “make a film.” The way I chose to break down that question to explore it was to take a specific team, and figure out how THEY made it work.

So I’ll follow EG for the rest of the year. I’ll see how their players practice and train, how they interact with the community and each other, how they balance their life with their work. I’ll ask the management team those questions everybody has about sponsorship and the business of e-sports. I’ll ask the staff what they do, how they contribute to the workings of the team, how they found this job in the first place and why they work in professional gaming.

I want to show the outside world how our world of gaming is full of talented professionals, with skills and dedication. I want to explore why they should take Starcraft 2 seriously as a sport, and why they should be paying attention. To do that, I’ll also be talking to commentators, tournament organizers, and everybody else who has a hand in how we make this dream a reality.

But at the heart of everything will be the struggles and the triumphs of one team.

As an aside, what is also interesting to think about is that as three different filmmakers with different backgrounds, interests, and lives even if you handed all of us the exact same footage, I believe we would come away with three different films. Filmmaking is about storytelling, and everybody tells stories in different ways. My voice and my take on a subject is automatically going to diverge from what other people would have to say. And that’s why I’m excited to see all of our finished products.

I hope that this helps people understand what I’m doing, and I hope that makes you even more excited about the film. And please, if you have any questions about the film or what I’m doing, comment here or ask me on twitter! I’m always open for questions.