Website Update

We’ve been so busy finishing up principle photography on the film that we’ve let the website get neglected. No more! We’ve got a great webmaster helping out, Tim Chow. I’ll start updating the blog more often, and in general we’ll have more information, photos, and fun stuff for you as we go into post production!

Recent changes:
-The addition of a “press” page that links to all of the interviews and videos about the film from other websites
-All donors who get a text only link have been added to the supporters page. Donors that get a banner graphic will be added very soon, we’ve just fallen behind on making the graphics.
-A slightly new look for the “about” and “media” pages
-I’ve deleted all the spam comments and taken off the comment feature for now. I’ll try to add that back eventually but it was only being used by spammers anyway.

I’m going to try to keep myself to an updating schedule from now on to keep you informed, so look for my next post about wrapping up production in the next week!