What happens in Vegas… Goes in the Movie

I’m a little late updating on our last shoot, but I’ve been so busy preparing for the NASL finals and MLG Anaheim that time got away from me.

First off, thanks to everybody for checking out our teaser! Don’t forget to leave comments on the video, or check out our contact form to ask us questions or offer suggestions for the film.

Now, our last shoot involved this slightly jet-lagged director flying out to Vegas. What was in Vegas?

Miss USA!

One thing you might not know about Good Game is that we’re focused not just on the players that make up Evil Geniuses, but the staff and management for the team as well. So I was off to Vegas to talk to Anna Prosser (or UnControllable) as she followed her own competitive dreams as Miss Oregon USA.

Anna has become a very visible part of e-sports over the last year, providing interviews and videos from various events through a partnership with Evil Geniuses and Kingston, one of their sponsors.

I filmed at the pageant, and did a few interviews while I was there, including a quick talk with Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson about what it’s like to be in the audience instead of on the main stage. My favorite by far was when I sat down with Anna at a media event for the pageant. I admit I hogged her time, but I got to ask a lot of questions that had been on my mind, about the pageant, about esports, and about Anna’s future with Starcraft 2. We even talked a bit about our common experiences playing team matches on Battle.net during the Brood War days.

I’m thrilled to have Anna as part of the film, and I’m happy to see her determination to make an impact on the world of e-sports.

I want to send a special thanks to the members of the Media Relations crew at Miss USA. They were all a huge help to me during my stay, and I appreciated everything they did for me.

Looking ahead: filming at the NASL finals, and a new video coming in July!