Why are we asking for so much?

It’s a pretty common refrain for us filmmakers these days, “why is that so expensive? I could make that for half the price.”

Trust me, for every time you say that, we’ve heard a producer say it ten times. We’re pretty used to it. Actually, most of us that have been doing this for any length of time are very frugal. It’s just that filmmaking does actually cost money.

For example, it takes three people at each event to really do this job properly. It’s a vast oversimplification, but it takes one guy to hold the camera, one guy to hold the microphone, and one woman (at least in my world) to keep everything on track, download footage, do the interviews, keep everything moving and all the other things a director does. For a documentary of this size and scope, that’s actually a smaller crew. We chose this size crew through careful consideration of what we needed to get done and the way to balance costs with quality. I talked to several documentary filmmakers when making this plan, it’s not something I pulled out of the air or that I’m doing because “it’s what you do.”

Because of the topic of our film, travel is a necessity. So far this year, we’ve been to Boston, Massachusetts, Columbus, Ohio; Las Vegas, Nevada; Ontario, California; Anaheim, California; and Raleigh, North Carolina. Each trip requires air fare or gas, and hotel costs for an average of three people. Along with that, we’ve got the costs associated with the crew and the equipment. All in all, each trip has cost us an average of $2,500.

We’ve called in every favor, negotiated deals, and done everything we can to keep those costs as low as possible. But again, you balance that with quality. We chose not to shoot the film on a consumer grade camera for many reasons, all of them relating back to the quality of the film and giving you the best product. Again, this wasn’t a decision made lightly, but done after discussions with other professionals who had been there before us and could help us weigh the cost/benefit ratios.

Those trips that we’ve already made are only the first half of the film. We did not ask for your help until now and used personal funds to get the film to this point. The money we’re trying to raise for our Kickstarter isn’t for the places we’ve already been, but for the ones we need to take to finish up the year. There are at least three more tournaments, along with traveling to the EG Lair in Arizona to finish up the year. And of course, we can’t talk about EG’s Starcraft 2 team without seeing their players in action in South Korea. To be honest, the goal of the Kickstarter campaign probably won’t cover all of this. It is only a portion of the total budget. Rest assured that every dime we raise will go towards the film.

We’ve worked hard all year to get the best deals and save money at every opportunity, and we’ll continue to do so from now on.

We’ll stretch your donation as far as possible, so every single amount is helpful. But if you believe in this project like I do, helping spread the word so that we meet or maybe even exceed our goal will only bring you a better finished product.