In narrative films, it’s easy to declare “that’s a wrap.” Even if you end up doing some reshoots, there’s a very specific amount of time that is principle photography.

Documentaries aren’t really that way. They can be, but for the most part everything can be a bit nebulous. But the real danger is that you never stop shooting. You see, there’s always one more thing. There’s something else going on, there’s some other story line that you think you can capture. It’s very easy to shoot forever.

That’s very bad for a lot of reasons. Number one being then you never actually MAKE the movie, you just keep shooting!

So it’s a mixed blessing for me to say this: Good Game has finished principle photography.

We will be doing some more interviews (there are a few people that I still need to chase down and get on camera) but for the most part, the story is there. So it’s been very hard for me the past two weeks to see everybody posting about how fun it has been at MLG Columbus, PAX East, and IPL4. I’ve had to avoid twitter because I’m actually upset at not being there.

But right now, our focus has changed to post production, and it’s a very heavy workload to get through. Our editors are hard at work on the first rough cut, and I am transcribing over 100 interviews we did during the last year (along with the help of a few great volunteers, thanks guys!

It was appropriate that our last trip was to Arizona to the EG Lair to film some members of the team at home. We also did our longest interview to date: 4.5 hours with Scott “SirScoots” Smith. My crew and I had a blast on the trip, and on our way home we swung through Austin, Texas for the IPL Showmatch at South by Southwest.

I’m going to be updating you guys a lot more often about what’s going on with the film now that I’m not traveling so much. There’s a lot of great things on the horizon, and I can’t wait to share it. I already miss my friends in esports so much, and I hope that I’ll be able to get to an event soon. I’m going through withdrawal!

In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots from our interviews in Arizona: