The Crew

Mary Ratliff
The Director

Mary is a lifelong gamer and a complete geek. She has been making films for over ten years. Her love of making films about subcultures started in 2002 when she completed a fan film called “Waiting for Warcraft” and her first feature length documentary, “Watashi Wa…” which explored the world of cosplayers at American anime conventions.

She has written and directed several short fiction films including “Extraction” and “Catching Up.” “Catching Up” is based on her award winning screenplay, and the film won the Visions Award for Outstanding Thesis Project in 2011.

Mary also earned an MFA in Film and Electronic Media from American University, where her studies were focused on screenwriting and directing. She has worked in the film industry in D.C. on a variety of projects including features, shorts, commercials, and webseries.

Learn more about Mary’s work at her website: Nine Hour Films

Additional Crew

Kevin Sampson, Camera Operator and Gaffer
Jeremiah Horan, Camera Operator and Sound Mixer

Diana Faulkner, Camera Operator

Raleigh/Atlantic City:
Jeremiah Horan, Sound Mixer

Jon Malis, Sound Mixer

Washington, D.C.:
Jon Malis, Cinematographer

Banu Debre, Sound Mixer

Ken Ikeda, Cinematographer

Fall 2011 Teaser:
Banu Debre, Editor
Fred Kolouch, Motion Graphics
Rob Rusli, Composer
Music by Blue belt

Tessa Cardenas
Angela Goad
Robert Ring
Luke Snyder
Cindi Weatherington

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